Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the governing body of CPCN. It provides overall strategic leadership and governance oversight. The specific responsibilities and functions of the Steering Committee are to:

  • Set the strategic direction and advise on the Consortium priorities and deliverables,
  • Provide guidance to the Data Access/Governance Committee,
  • Periodically monitor and evaluate progress of CPCN activities,
  • Commission and review specific studies on precision crop nutrition,
  • Ensure that CPCN activities are coordinated with relevant partners,
  • Provide guidance on possible management actions to address CPCN related risks; anticipated and encountered,
  • Ensure inclusion and equal treatment of all consortium members.

Data Governance Committee

This committee is responsible for developing comprehensive data management and sharing policies for the consortium. They also oversee the data sharing agreements, Terms & Conditions for sharing software and algorithms. They are also responsible for the development of standard methods and data formats.