Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database

Quantities of harvested biomass (yield and residues) and their respective nutrient concentrations determine the crop nutrient removal. A Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database, covering different production environments and different nutrients, can be a valuable resource to improve estimates of nutrient removal, nutrient use efficiency and develop site-specific recommendations and Decision Support Systems to optimize nutrient management.

The goal of this project is to create a single publicly available, large database of crop nutrient removal data from all over the globe and use it to derive spatially disaggregated, accurate estimates of net nutrient removal for major crops.

Current locations from where crop nutrient removal data has been shared for the project.

Further, once established, this database will be enriched with other site-specific data, such as weather data and geospatial information on soils, crops and other relevant attributes. This will allow doing specific regional or global analyses as well as using Artificial Intelligence tools to dynamically predict nutrient removal and nutrient use efficiencies related to season, field and crop specific conditions as a function of multiple layers of information. 
Initial emphasis will be on crops for which larger amounts of data are known to be available, including maize, rice, soybeans and wheat and for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. However this project may expand to other crops and other nutrients depending on availability of data.

Coordinating partners: Wageningen UR, IFA, African Plant Nutrition Institute, Agmatix
Contact: Cameron Ludemann,