Standardized Nutrient Omission Trial Data

A unified database of nutrient omission trials (NOT), covering different production environments and different nutrients, can be a valuable resource to develop site-specific recommendations and Decision Support Systems (DSS) to optimize nutrient management. These data will also support the benchmarking of key yield and nutrient performance parameters, such as attainable yields, yield gaps and agronomic nutrient use efficiencies.

The goal of this project is to consolidate legacy nutrient omission research data from multiple sources into a single, standardized and open data set, available for use by the members of the CPCN.

Once standardized and harmonized this data will be valuable for the calibration and independent validation of existing or new DSS across crops and ecoregions, and for simplifying and accelerating the development of new tools and techniques.

Further, once established this database will be enriched with other site-specific data, such as weather data and geospatial information on soils, crops and other relevant attributes. This will allow specific regional or global analyses as well as using advanced AI and ML tools to dynamically predict nutrient supply related to season, field, and crop specific conditions as a function of multiple layers of information. Such a NOT database will also allow assessing the status and trends in nutrient use efficiency in different regions or countries.  

Coordinating partners: African Plant Nutrition Institute, IFA, iSDA, Agmatix
Contact: Shamie Zingore,